About This Course

In getting started with Python Programming Language, you need to install Python Interpreter on your local machine. 


Week 1 - Python Installation

In this week, you will install Python interpreter and get some tips by writing your first instruction to the machine.

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Week 2 - More about Strings and Escape Characters

In this week, you will learn more about strings, escape characters. also we will go further to customise our IDLE so it easier to write more code. Finally you will learn about variables.

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Week 3 - Variables

Variable are containers that allows programmers to store values. In this week, you will learn how to store data or information in variables.

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Week 4 - Input Function

You will always need data or information from users. The input function allows us to do that. In this week, you will learn about how to ask the user to provide certain information.

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Week 5 - Basic Data Types and Arithmetic Operators

You need a way to be able a to tell if a value is a text, number or boolean. In this week, you will learn the various datatypes.

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